Best weed pens- Unveiling the top picks of 2024

These sleek, discreet vape pens allow you to consume THC or CBD oil cartridges on-the-go for a quick and powerful high.  But with so many models on the market in 2024, how do you know which weed pen is right for you? By the end, you’ll know exactly which device suits your needs and preferences.

Kandypens rubi

  1. The KandyPens Rubi is the best weed pen oil vape pen for beginners or casual users looking for a simple, compact option. It stands just 4 inches tall for incredible stealth. The 280mAh battery isn’t huge, but it’s enough for moderate daily use.
  2. The Rubi uses refillable 1ML pods rather than the standard 510 cartridges. While this limits your choice of carts, it helps boost flavor and vapor production. The ceramic coil atomizer works nicely for such a small pen. Simply press the firing button as you inhale for a smooth, satisfying draw.
  3. For new vapers, the Rubi doesn’t overwhelm with complicated settings or options. Just fill the pod, charge up, and start enjoying your oil. The pod design makes refilling and swapping strains a breeze too. For an easy-to-use and portableTHC vape pen, Rubi is a top choice.

Mig vapor sr 72

Mig Vapor is lesser known than brands like PAX and Grenco, but vapers shouldn’t sleep on its excellent SR 72 pen. This design offers the modern vaper incredible precision and control. A small OLED screen displays your current setting and battery level.  The real advantage here is the voltage control with tuning as precise as 0.1V. Dial in the perfect power output for your selected cartridge. Temperature control mode with custom preheating offers similar flexibility.  The SR 72 packs a beastly 1650mAh battery capacity, which is almost unheard of for a device its size. You’ll have no problem vaping all day on a single charge. An ergonomic rubber grip makes the pen comfy and stable in hand. For the detail-oriented vaper, SR 72 is a dream come true.

Plug play battery

Compatible with PLUG Play’s own PODs, this sleek pen delivers potent, flavorful rips in a beautifully designed package. The pen itself contains no settings or buttons. You simply attach a pod and inhale.  The magic is inside PLUG Play’s proprietary ceramic heating system blended with artfully composed terpene blends. Every strain offers a distinct flavor profile and carefully calibrated high. Just swap out the pods to suit your needs at any given moment. At just 55mm tall and 9mm thick, the PLUG Play battery achieves impressive portability. For those seeking an advanced pen that’s still easy to operate, PLUG Play hits the mark. Taste nuanced terpene profiles while enjoying the discreet, streamlined exterior.

 Cbdfx stylus

While most weed pens are designed for THC oil, the CBDFx Stylus aims squarely at the CBD market. Their cartridges contain lab-tested, naturally extracted cannabidiol for both wellness and recreation. Anxiety, pain, sleep troubles and more fade away with CBD.

The pen features three power settings accessed by clicking the firing button. This versatility means you can adapt the heat for your personal CBD dosage needs. The slim pen design also feels great. Discretion and micro dosing make the Stylus a terrific choice for CBD users.

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