Can Your Child Have Braces With Some Baby Teeth Remaining?

Your child can have braces even if they have some baby teeth remaining. Some children need braces at a young age when they have a mix of milk and permanent teeth. You need to visit an orthodontistwho will be able to determine the need for braces or other suitable treatment options. 

Why do you need an orthodontist for your child?

The right time to visit an orthodontist is if you suspect teeth alignment problems in your child. Ab orthodontist will be able to solve abnormal teeth alignment to help your child in better chewing and have proper front teeth for a beautiful and confident smile. They might also suggestwaiting for permanent teeth or some alternative treatment to braces.

Toothfairy Dental Clinic in Bangkhuntien, Bangkok offers a complete range of dental services for children and adults. Their paediatric dentists have good experience in handling kids,dental problems, and treating orthodontics milk teeth (จัดฟันน้ำนม, term in Thai) issues.

Their range of services for kids includes flossing and fluoride coating, baby tooth extraction, fillings, braces, and much more. Visit Toothfairy Dental Clinic to see a good orthodontist for treating your child’s teeth issues.

When does your child need braces?

Early treatment may protect your child from facing serious dental issues in the future. Some of the problems when an orthodontist suggests braces for your child are:

  • An overbite or underbite:is when the top teeth are either much ahead of far behind the bottom teeth.
  • Tooth crowding or spacing: if the child’s teeth are too close or too far apart which might impact the jaw growth.
  • Overlapping teeth: Due to insufficient space in the jaw, makes it difficult to clean the teeth and causes cavities.
  • A crossbite: whenthe child’s jaw shifts to a side.
  • Missing or extra baby teeth: it affects jaw growth in the future.

Importance of visiting an orthodontist for kids

Your child’s smileshould be healthy,whichmakes it necessary to take care of misaligned teeth at an early age. Therefore, it is advised to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist by the time your child has reached the age of 7 years.Your orthodontist might advise braces for your child or other orthodontic treatments.

There are benefits of visiting an orthodontist at an early age.

  • Early braces savespace for permanent teeth that are yet to come.
  • This prevents crowding.
  • It reduces the need for removing a tooth.
  • It also prevents other serious dental improvements in the future.

Do all kid’s dental issues require braces?

No, although people assume that misaligned teeth problems can only be corrected by using braces. However, this is not the only solution. Your orthodontist might suggest the best course of treatment after carefully examining your kid’s dental issue. 

A few dental issues might be corrected by removing baby teeth, which turns a better solution than using braces whereas some dental issues might require both braces and milk tooth extraction.

The sooner you visit an orthodontist, the earlier your child’s dental problems will be solved. Early orthodontic treatment may improve jaw growth, minimize the risk of teeth trauma and improve the facial appearance of your child with a healthy smile.

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