How Ketamine Therapy Works: The Importance of Integration

Why is Ketamine Therapy So Transformative?

There are four different mechanisms at play, including biological, psychological, and spiritual aspects. What’s truly significant, in my opinion, is what follows the infusions. Integration is what truly makes a difference.

Work is Important After Ketamine Treatments

What should you do after your ketamine injections? What new practices will you start or continue? What will you no longer do? It’s often the work conducted after the infusions and between them that has the most significant impact. Profound insights aren’t always gained during infusions, though they can be. However, a profound shift in perspective and insight is meaningless without taking action.

What Can Integration Look Like?

You’re on board now! Afterward, you’ll want to create an integration plan. What might it involve? What can it look like?

– Meditation

– Exercise

– Taking a break from social media or news

Consider your recent experience with ketamine. What is it urging you to do? What message does your gut or heart want to share with you? You can then formulate an integration action plan. It’s not always obvious, but give it a few days, and you will see!

You Are Affected by What You Consume Mentally

Many things can influence us, whether consciously or unconsciously. I like to think of our minds as a digestive system. We become a part of everything we consume. Just as we extract carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients from our food, the same principle applies to everything we consume mentally. Whether it’s horror movies, video games, or music, all of these factors play a role in shaping our ultimate personality.

Bottom Line: Be mindful of what you consume and integrate your experiences by taking action after infusions.

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