Why choose THC edibles over traditional smoking methods?

THC edibles offer some distinct advantages that make them an appealing alternative to inhaling your weed. With edibles, you know exactly how much THC you’re getting based on the milligrams per serving listed. Smoking is much more imprecise, making it easier to overdo it. You inhale varying THC amounts with each puff. Edibles provide more consistency and predictability in dosing once you determine your tolerance.

  • Longer lasting effects

While smoking cannabis provides near-instant effects, these dissipate within just 1-3 hours usually. The metabolic process of digesting edibles leads to a longer, often 6-8 hour high. This prolongs the recreational or medicinal benefits. With edibles, you don’t have to worry about continually re-dosing throughout the day.

  • Respiratory irritation

Inhaling smoke into your lungs always carries health risks and can irritate your throat and airways. This leads to coughing which can be both painful and annoying. Edibles avoid this issue entirely, delivering THC through the digestive system instead. The effects come on smoothly without any respiratory discomfort.

The smell and sight of smoking weed can draw unwanted attention in public. But edibles look and smell just like any normal food or candy. This allows for consumption in more settings where smoking would be inappropriate. The discreet nature of edibles makes them ideal for travel and other uses outside the home.

Fewer calories than smoking

To experience thc edibles through inhalation, you end up consuming hundreds of extra calories smoking entire joints or bowls. Edibles deliver the THC in delicious, low-calorie formats like gummies that support healthy lifestyles. Those watching their waistline will prefer the negligible calories of edibles to the heavy smoke intake.

  • Smoking needed

THC through edibles avoids having to learn an entirely new method of inhaling weed. The learning curve of proper smoking technique isn’t needed. Simply eat your edible and enjoy an easy, smokeless cannabis experience.

Better value for your money

The cost per edible dose ends up being far less than that of a single joint or bong hit. You’re wasting less THC overall compared with a smoking session. Edibles’ extended effects also help compensate for their lower dosing limits compared to smoking.

  • Dependence on prescription drugs

Research on cannabis edibles continues to tout their therapeutic potential for pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. By leveraging the entourage effect of THC, CBD, and terpenes in edibles, some patients decrease their reliance on addictive pharmaceuticals. Edibles serve as natural medicine.

Enhanced intimacy and sexuality

The couples enjoy consuming cannabis edibles together to heighten sensuality and intimacy. Unlike smoking, popping an edible doesn’t interrupt making out or foreplay. And the relaxing body high both partners shed inhibitions. Just start with very low 2.5 mg doses to assess the effects.  The extensive integration of weed into meals allows for exceptional culinary exploration. Those who enjoy fine food and wine now incorporate weed in elevated ways not possible with just smoking.

  • Better for public or group settings

Bringing a batch of pot brownies or gummies to a concert or social gathering is far more appropriate than passing joints or a bong around between acquaintances. Edibles lend themselves seamlessly to cannabis social events without the potentially off-putting ritual of communal smoking.

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