Nose Augmentation Is A Common And Popular Thing These Days

The nose plays an important part in beautifying our face; it’s not only women who mostly undergo surgery, but nose surgery for men (เสริมจมูกผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) is also done by many men. the process for both of them are same only to have a perfect and even nose they undergo this treatment. As a perfect nose helps us to build our confidence.

Why Do They Need This Treatment?

So it has been seen that the nose bridge is not prominent in a few people, and their face looks dull. Not only that, there is a bone beside the nose bridge. For some, it is big, which looks very unattractive. Few also face issues regarding small noses. So all the above problems will be solved only through nose surgery.

The shape of the nose is slightly different if you compare both men and women, but a man’s nose must be a bit sharp and of proper shape; then he will look handsome in it as the nose shape coincides with the shape of eyes, face, and lips.

Where To Do The Surgery?

So nose surgery for men is prevalent; you need to search for the best cosmetologist. So book an appointment to that particular clinic, and they will ask for a few tests to see whether your body is ok for the test. The doctor will first take the shape of your nose so that after surgery, it will go with your face. There are three types of surgery

Closed Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

Semi-Open Rhinoplasty

Both closed and open rhinoplasty has significant disadvantages, which can result in nasal problems or scars; sometimes, the silicone plate also does not fit properly. The wound after surgery might not get healed, and this will end up in lots of problems. But the semi-open one seemed nice and hassle-free as it hardly left any scar or faced any nasal issues. The silicon used to keep the structure intact also maintains its position.


So after the surgery, we must follow a few instructions, such as what to eat and how to sleep, and we must follow the medications strictly. As the surgery is a bit costly, try to follow the guidelines set by the doctor. And if any nasal issue arises, try not to delay contacting your doctor. So food and drink restrictions are there, which you need to follow until it gets healed completely and you can breathe properly. Most importantly, before the surgery, try to notify your doctor about any surgery you come across, what kind of medicines you are taking, or if you have any drug allergies.

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