The Perfect Solution

Introducing the 4mommy Advance handsfree borstkolf – the perfect pumping solution for the modern mother. Built on the success of the beloved 4mommy Deluxe borstkolf, the 4mommy Advance handsfree borstkolf sets new standards in convenience and efficiency.

Our handsfree borstkolf is known for its lightweight, wireless design, and user-friendliness, making it a must-have for always-on-the-go mothers. Pumping has never been this simple, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the move. Enjoy the freedom and time saved with this innovative handsfree borstkolf.

The 4mommy Advance handsfree borstkolf offers a powerful vacuum range of 300-320 mmHg for optimal and comfortable pumping results. Choose from four modes to meet your needs:

  • Massage mode: For a smooth start.
  • Pump mode: 12 vacuum settings for your comfort.
  • Stimulation mode: Mimics your baby’s natural suckling frequency.
  • Automatic mode: A combination of massage and pumping.

The memory of this handsfree borstkolf remembers your preferred settings, ensuring a consistent experience every time. Adjust your comfort with 12 intensity levels and let the massage mode do the work for you.

Stay informed about your pumping session with the clear display showing pumping time and battery status. The 4mommy Advance handsfree borstkolf operates quietly and is compact, making charging and carrying a breeze.

Safety is paramount, and that’s why all components are BPA-free and food-safe. The design also prevents wastage of breast milk. Cleaning is straightforward, and the silicone parts are easy to sterilize.

Charge the 4mommy handsfree borstkolf in just 1.5 hours and enjoy over 2 hours of pumping time, outperforming its predecessor. Designed for standard nursing bras, it offers true flexibility for the busy mother. Choose from various breast shield sizes for a perfect fit.

If you’re looking for the best handsfree pumping option, then the 4mommy Advance handsfree borstkolf is your answer. With its industry-leading features and comfort, it’s the ideal choice for modern mothers.


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