Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Cosmetic Eye Surgery: The Fact Check

Your eyes have the potential to reflect your personality, so it’s no wonder if someone cares a bit more about how their eyes look and how to make them look good. A long-lasting solution for this is eye surgery (ศัลยกรรมตา, which is the term in Thai). We are discussing the details of aesthetic eye surgeries, who should consider it an option, who is not fit for it, how much it costs and the success rate and chances of recovery. Read along, and you will be well-informed by the end.

What is cosmetic eye surgery?

It is a surgical procedure through which a good eye appearance is achieved. There are different types of this procedure based on the issues that are supposed to be resolved: for example, treating double eyelids, lifting of eyebrows, treating shaggy under eyes and out of which eyelid surgery is the most common.

· What To Expect From And Who Should Undergo Such Surgeries?

People expecting miraculous changes might not find their expectations turning into reality. Any cosmetic surgery aims to give a fortified and rejuvenated appearance, remove fat from any area, or fill a few gaps. Some cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic treatments might last for a long time, but you should not expect them to be permanent.

Persons with major previous health conditions or those who have undergone such surgeries should consult their doctors before deciding.

· The Course Of Recovery

It would be best if you were prepared to practice patience post-surgery. Usually, recovery starts within the first week, and you can see results in about 15 days. Still, this process varies from patient to patient and among types and seriousness of the surgery. You may see bruises or puffiness on your eyelids for a few days, but that is normal. You will also have to consult your doctor regarding putting on makeup.

· Cost

As eye surgeries are of different types and extend, their prices vary accordingly, but in Thailand, one can expect to spend anything around 1000 to 20000 USD. The cost of treatment varies based on the hospitals and doctors too. It is advisable to research well before making any choice.

· The Success Rate Of Cosmetic Eye Surgeries

Although such surgeries are generally safe and significant results can be seen, there are always a few risks associated with any surgery, and eye surgeries are no exception. Infections, delayed recoveries, loosening of other muscles in rare cases, and the points to be thought of once, but the success rates are high (about 90 to 95 per cent) in cosmetic eye surgeries.


Cosmetic surgeries are meant to enhance the appearance of people, but one should not expect miraculous transformations. The same applies to aesthetic eye surgeries. There are different types of procedures based on the requirements and their effectiveness. The person planning such surgery should be prepared to rest completely from social life and work for a few days. Good pre and post-care add to the results and effectiveness of the surgery.

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