Amla Juice

Unveiling The Health Benefits Of Drinking Amla Juice

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is prized for its unique taste and texture. Before exploring amla juice’s health benefits, understand its nutritional value: 100g offers 58 kcal energy, 600 mg vitamin C, 0.1g fat, 0.5g proteins, 13.7g carbohydrates, 1.2 mg iron, 50 mg calcium, and 20 mg phosphorus. Daily dosage: 75-90 mg.

Health Advantages Of Amla Juice Consumption

  1. Strengthens The Immune System: Amla juice is a potent source of antioxidants and vitamin C, reinforcing the body’s immune system. It combats free radicals, aids in treating infections, and prevents various illnesses. Amla powder with honey is known to alleviate common cold symptoms.
  1. Healthy Weight Maintenance: Amla juice, consumed on an empty stomach, supports weight management. Its antioxidants enhance digestion, boost metabolism, regulate cholesterol levels, and facilitate fat burning.
  1. Increased Energy Levels: Regular consumption of amla juice provides essential vitamins and fatty acids, promoting sustained energy levels without fat accumulation.
  1. Control Of Diabetes And Blood Pressure: Amla’s chromium content increases insulin sensitivity, aiding in effective insulin absorption. Polyphenols in amla help protect cells from oxidative damage caused by elevated blood sugar levels. Daily consumption regulates blood pressure.
  1. Detoxification: Amla acts as a natural diuretic, aiding in detoxification by promoting frequent urination. This helps prevent kidney stones, bloating, and urinary infections.
  1. Bone Health: Amla, rich in calcium, improves the body’s calcium absorption, preserves bone density, prevents bone loss, and strengthens teeth, nails, and bones.
  1. Blood Purification: Amla juice, especially when combined with honey, detoxifies the blood, eliminating impurities and raising red blood cells. This helps prevent anaemia and enhances overall blood health.
  1. Hair Health: Amla juice promotes healthy hair by stimulating collagen production, cleansing hair follicles, encouraging new hair growth, and preventing hair breakage and fall.
  1. Skin Health: The abundance of vitamin C in amla aids in treating skin conditions such as pigmentation, dark spots, acne, and ageing. Collagen production results in softer and firmer skin.
  1. Vision Enhancement: Carotene in amla improves vision, preventing eye issues like itching, watering, and cataracts.

Frequent Amla Juice Consumption

To maximize amla’s benefits, drink diluted fresh amla juice daily, adding honey and lemon for flavor. Incorporate amla into your diet as chutney, sabji, or pickle.

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