What Should You Know About Double Eyelid Surgery

Were you aware that eyelids come in a variety of forms? You may detect creases in your double eyelids when your eyes are open. In contrast, the skin on top of your eyelid, known as the epicanthic fold, reaches the inside corner of your eye if you have monoids or single eyelids.

In layman’s words, the crease that appears in the top eyelids to create the illusion of larger, brighter eyes is known as “double eyelids.” Double eyelid creases can develop later in life, even though they are mostly genetically predetermined in different ethnic groups. This explains why they are more common in Caucasians and less common in Asians.

Make sure to choose the right double eyelid surgery clinic (คลินิก ทำ ตา, which is the term in Thai) for your surgery.

What Do Double Eyelids Look Like?

This phrase describes how certain people’s top lids crease and the lack of excess tissue that gives the impression of two lids. Your genetic makeup determines whether you have monolids or double eyelids.

There are two lids on the eyes. When the eyes are open, those with double eyelids can see a crease on the upper lid and little to no epicanthic fold.

Why Do Several Kinds Of Double Eyelid Surgery Exist?

The internal structure of a patient is the rationale behind the many types of double eyelid surgery. A double eyelid surgery without an incision can be done if the patient has no extra skin. On the other hand, an incision double eyelid surgery should be carried out if extra skin needs to be removed. You might assume that extra skin primarily affects elderly patients.

However, excessive skin hooding of the top eyelid is not unusual in younger patients. If the extra skin in these patients is not removed, the double eyelid fold will appear excessively narrow. Moreover, the double eyelid fold may become less pronounced with time.

Generally, the non-incisional, less invasive technique heals more quickly than the cutting technique. Furthermore, because no incisions are created, the non-cutting method of double eyelid surgery will appear natural.

What Is Double Eyelid Incision Surgery?

The incision technique creates a distinct and well-defined eye shape by cutting the eyelids to remove extra fat and muscle.  Finding a qualified surgeon is essential because the incision technique may result in “sausage eyes” or scarring.

The incision approach is excellent for those who require additional eye surgery, such as ptosis correction or the excision of eye fat. It also has a significant advantage: double eyelids stay permanent over time.


Following surgery, you will immediately see a double eyelid. Still, the swelling won’t go away until your eyelids heal fully. The freshly formed double eyelid crease or fold will give your face a lovely, radiant appearance. It will also improve the harmony and balance of your overall look when done by the right double eyelid surgery clinic.

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