Drug and Alcohol Monitoring with most Trustable Brand

Evidence suggests that long-term sobriety rates improve when therapy programs are complemented by monitoring. Continual, random testing is useful for many people in early recovery because it helps hold them and their loved ones accountable. If you’d want assistance designing a substance use monitoring program, our therapists are here to help. Urine tests and breathalyzers are two examples of therapeutic monitoring options.

To what company can we attribute Soberlink’s production?

With a number of alcohol monitoring devices on the market, Soberlink appears as the top device that one may trust with the results. It’s the right and convenient method for checking blood alcohol content. Soberlink Healthcare LLC is responsible for this groundbreaking technology, which uses a few straightforward components to achieve high levels of precision.

To start, there’s a vertical camera on the side of this gadget. The device also includes an on/off power button. A blue status light surrounds the mouthpiece on the side. It has an LCD screen and two buttons up front. The battery used may be recharged and has a long lifespan. Results from breathalyzers can be shown instantly on a screen and transmitted to a designated area where intoxication levels can be tracked in real time.

Employment Contracts and Legal Matters

For legal reasons, drug testing and/or monitoring may be required of some people by their employers, legal advisors, or government agencies. On-site collections are performed by our DOT-approved personnel using proper chain of custody documentation. The sample is sent off to a third-party lab for analysis, and the findings are examined by our medical review officer.

Soberlink has worked with trusted hosts who deliver reliable results without interference. The camera’s facial recognition feature is there to prevent accidental data manipulation, such as when a person who is not intoxicated attempts to use the gadget on someone who should be sober but has been drinking.

The professionals at Soberlink Healthcare LLC have spent much time and resources developing a cutting-edge device that can detect and track a user’s breath alcohol level with pinpoint precision.

You’ll enjoy this device’s simplicity of use if you’ve ever struggled with the controls of a similar product. This apparatus has no negative impact on the use of other habits or medicines, including smoking. It provides precise readings and is widely regarded as the most accurate gadget of its kind for determining ethanol concentration.

Alcohol Breath Tests with Soberlink

Soberlink is a portable, handheld breathalyzer that was developed for the express purpose of tracking alcohol use. Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring program that encourages responsibility and behavior modification by using advanced fuel cell technology and adaptive facial recognition.

Soberlink 2, a portable breathalyzer, is now on the market. The device not only takes a picture of the user and records their location data, but it also calculates their blood alcohol level (BAC).  Reviews about Soberlink always come handy when choosing a breath analyzer.

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