How To Give Probiotic Supplements To Your Dogs

If your dog suffers from a stomach-related problem quite frequently, it simply means that they have weak immunity and require a healthy solution to treat this. There could be multiple reasons for this, but mainly it happens due to a lack of good bacteria inside the intestine. In this case, probiotic is used to prevent problems related to stomach or anxiety. Various probiotic supplement for dogs is available in the market, which can help maintain the level of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria. So let’s understand what probiotic is and how it works. 

Probiotics and how it works

Our gut is full of healthy bacteria, which form the microbiome. When there is an imbalance in the level of the microbiome then, various symptoms can occur, including loose stool and excess gas. Probiotics are living, healthy bacteria which promote the balance of microbes in the intestine. Inside the dog, the probiotic reduces gut pH, which helps the bacteria to thrive. The microbes or bacteria get attached to cells of the intestine. Later, these bacteria release the substances that promote the growth of healthy microorganisms. 

How to give probiotics to a dog

There are various ways through which you can provide probiotics to the dogs, which include: 

Liquids and powder: The easiest way to provide probiotics to the dog. You can mix the liquid or powder in the food. The liquid form is good if your dog does not like the capsule.

Capsule: The pills can be mixed with food, such as peanut butter. However, check that there is no salt or artificial sweetener inside peanut butter. 

Chews: These are flavouring agents usually present in different flavours and colours. 

How to choose the best probiotic supplements for a dog

Choose the probiotic which depends on the dog’s health. Every single dog has a different level of bacteria and needs. Please consult a veterinarian first before giving any probiotic supplements to the dog. It’s important to look for some essential features while choosing the best probiotic supplement for dogs

Pick only those probiotics which contain around 1 to 10 billion bacteria. The health-related benefits vary depending on the strain and species of bacteria. Choose the supplement with specific bacteria based on the requirement of your dog. Check for other essential components in the supplement, including yeast, minerals, enzyme and vitamin. 

Final Thoughts

It is essential to give probiotics to your dog as they help maintain the level of microbes in the intestine. Probiotics are used to treat anxiety and stomach-related issues.

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